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I am originally from Swansea, South Wales and have been lucky enough to live in and around the Gower Peninsula where I spent much time observing and painting plants, butterflies, birds and shells.
Things of natural beauty that surround us are mostly the subject of my paintings. I am fascinated by the natural world and try to capture some of the magic they emanate. I work in watercolour ; oil; acrylics and pencil. I have always painted and am largely self-taught, though I have attended art college and many workshops from prominent artists of today.

Hampshire, Exhibitions, Teaching

After over a decade living in Spain, I now live in Hampshire where I teach and lead workshops in Botanical Art.
I have recently exhibited at the Society of Botanical Artist or SBA annual exhibition at Central Hall, Westminster and currently working on several Botanical Art commissions as well as conducting workshops in some exciting places of interest. (Details to follow)

Mythological & Supernatural

My other work concerns more imaginary ideas and are based on old stories that hold mystery and intrigue.
I like to merge the natural world with supernatural and am creating a series of mythological paintings concerning stories from ‘ Y Mabinogion ‘ and other Welsh Myths and Legends.
‘ Blodeuwedd’ (Flowerface or Lady of flowers) is one such painting and ‘Liliwen’ is my ‘Lady of the Lake’. There are a series of paintings in oils with gold and silver gilding and diamond dust . Though they are from a kind of ethereal genre there is much botanical content in the paintings
I am looking for the magic! I often find magic in nature. If I am feeling low, I find a walk in a woods or near a stream or river can revitalise the soul. There is
magic in the trees, flowers etc. I hope to share ‘The Magic of Flowers’ with you.

I hope you enjoy my work.

All Art by Sheryl Pape